Clean heating

Energy that respects the environment from eco-friendly, local resources

Energy that would otherwise be lost is
used to provide heating and
hot water to families.

District heating is now the most eco-friendly system to provide heating and hot water to homes. We mainly use biomass (wood) – therefore, a renewable source - to produce the thermal energy for our systems. Using locally sourced wood means we also provide incentives to look after our woodlands. 

Our plants also use waste heat from industrial processes, such as the waste-to-energy plant using urban waste from Bolzano, which helps power the city’s district heating plant.

To provide eco-friendly heat to families, business, and public buildings, we manage six district heating plants in South Tyrol. These are the district heating plants in Bolzano/Bozen, Merano/Meran, Chiusa/Klausen, Lazfons/Latzfons, Sesto/Sexten and Silandro/Schlanders, often the result of collaboration with municipal authorities, which also hold shares in the plants.

District heating plants in Bolzano

District heating plants Chiusa and Lazfons 

District heating plants Sesto 

District heating plants Merano 

District heating plants Silandro 

Safe and sustainable energy for our homes

District heating means it is possible to prevent the emission of thousands of tons of CO2 every year. Our heating can count on a sustainable source and we can breathe cleaner air.

Heat management in a district heating system guarantees centralised, efficient, state-of-the art use of energy resources. The plants are in fact constantly monitored and optimised to guarantee maximum sustainability and safety.



District heating plant, Chiusa/Klausen. This plant produces heat from biomass (wood) from the saw mills and forestry activities in the region.